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The Best Food Supplements


With so much choice out there it’s sometimes difficult to know what the best food supplements are Many of us live busy lives and are unable to spend large amounts of time and money investigating and buying products that may or may not work. Fear not as we jump in and run down the best food supplements available for everyday life.

Essential Minerals Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron are the building blocks of good health and cannot be produced naturally by the body. Unfortunately in modern times farming techniques have changed and the soil used to grow crops is depleted and as a result our food is less rich in essential minerals. Minerals are great immune system boosters, aid healthy joints and bones and are vital for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Probiotics A healthy gut is essential for maintaining a strong immune system and probiotics are key to making sure you have the right balance of good bacteria in your stomach. For many people trying to optimize their health the beneficial bacteria that probiotics introduce in your body aid your digestive system and help fight off problems such as excess gas, poor digestion and irritable bowel syndrome.

Fish Oil Fish oil is great for delivering omega-3 essential fats. It’s necessary to supplment these fats as our bodies don’t produce them and if you are not eating a diet that includes fish regularly then you will miss out Fish oil is great for improving joint functionality and the overall ability to recover from exercise, as well as aiding your immune system and reducing the possibility of autoimmune disease and heart problems.

Green Powders Also known as superfoods green powder supplements form the basis of many healthy diets. Plants such as spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella and moringa are nutrient dense and provide you with large amounts of the vitamins and minerals you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. As these powders contain the nutrients in natural form they also make buying expensive multivitamin supplements unnecessary.

Tumeric Tumeric is a great all rounder and a nice cheap addition to your cabinet. Tumeric is a spice often found in Indian dishes and it is high in curcurnin. Studies have shown that curcumin has anti viral, anti arthritic and anti inflammatory properties. Tumeric aids your body by helping it fight off diseases and is proof that the best food supplements don’t always need to be expensive.

Supplements- benefits for athletes or disadvantage

Concentrated Fiber Capsules OR Fresh Salad

Athletes represent an important segment of consumers of nutritional supplements; a wide variety of supplements are intended for both active population and those involved in professional sport. In some sports, especially those involving force, the use of nutritional supplements has become almost like a rule. Moreover, in many cases, athletes are taking supplements in higher doses than recommended. They motivate these abuses by the feeling that “more is better” or that their opponents or teammates are using higher doses. Many athletes believe that “natural” nutritional supplements are harmless, but many studies have shown that having too much and on the long term, can be harmful.

Considering the fact that there are so many athletes that use supplements we must think about several facts. First, no supplement can replace training and recovery. Second, using only supplements won’t increase muscle mass. Also, no supplement can substitute a balanced food diet with protein, healthy fat, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Finally, it’s not recommended combining various supplements together.

When deciding using supplements, you must consider the good and bad effects.

GOOD – real benefits for performance. Certain nutritional supplements have real and positive influences in athletic performance. Other supplements can be used by athletes to complete their diet, thereby they are contributing indirectly to improving performance. An example for this category are the rehydration drinks that bring during exercise an optimal intake of carbohydrates, minerals, and water. Athletes should be aware that the product itself is not only important but also the situations in which it is used.

GOOD – the placebo effect. In some cases, even if a supplement has no real physiological effect, athletes can register a degree of performance improvement by the placebo effect. This effect describes a favorable result obtained by the simple fact that the individual believes that it has received a product that helps. Commercials and magazines show how many new supplement “miracle” and the testimonials are likely to influence.

BAD – side effects. The administration of supplements must be closely supervised. The are cases of toxicity and side effects: allergies, overdoses or even poisoning.

BAD – contamination with doping substances. Some of the ingredients found in supplements enter the list of banned substances according to WADA (mainly prohormones). Athletes have to carefully read the labels of dietary supplements, and make sure that they don’t contain banned substances. For example, contamination with prohormones can cause a positive test for the presence of nandrolone in the urine, even in extremely small doses.

It is important for athletes as well as coaches to have proper sports nutrition concepts, at least the basics. Education in this area is necessary not only to bring a performance advantage but to avoid unjustified expenses or use of products that contain illegal substances.